About Midgham Parish Councils Meetings

Parish Council meetings are generally held at 7 pm every other month at Midgham Village Hall. Extraordinary meetings are also held occasionally where the need arises. Members of the public and press are welcome to attend. Details of meetings are published on the Parish Website, social media and on the village noticeboards at least 3 working days ahead of the meeting they are:

Village Hall

Midgham Green

Birds Lane/School Hill junction

Birds Lane play area

Public Participation in a Parish Meeting

If you would like to comment on an agenda item (including planning applications), you can attend the Parish Council meeting where it is being considered. There is a public participation section at the beginning of the meeting where you can address the Council.  Note, you will not be able to speak during the meeting when Councillors consider an agenda item or application.

In addition, you can write to or email the Parish Council about a particular  agenda item or application and Councillors will take your comments into consideration when they review the item or application. You should also forward your comments to West Berkshire Council.


Annual Parish Assembly and Annual Parish Council Meeting

18th May 2022 7 pm – Midgham Village Hall 


If you require any clarification, previous copies of agendas or a different format, please CONTACT THE CLERK (

The agenda for up and coming meetings are published 5 days prior to the meeting

Agenda Midgham Annual Parish Assembly 18th May 2022

Agenda Midgham Annual PC Meeting (Public) 18th May 2022